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On this site you will find some stuff I thought it would be of interest for other people too. The following themes I can actually present:

Linux quickies
Over the years I collected a number of short code snippets. They are often a result of answers in mailing lists and forums. These "quickies" almost every time include only a small number of lines. May be, they are useful solving some of your problems. Often I added a comment to the code.

Quickies (short code snippets) around Linux, they are an extract from my answers to mailing lists or forums; small and not so small software projects. The scripts, programs and other articles are my own work. If there are contributions from other people, I name them. All my work is free software and available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). When I use another license I write it explicitly.

How to raise and take care of shell scripts
These pages contain a loose collection of common hints concerning shell scripting. If you know where to start, you can often fix your problems yourself. Besides that I added some tips about a proper style of (not only) shell scripts. They probably could help you to improve the quality of your code.

Last updates

date What has changed?
2009-08-14 The last two and a half months I was very busy implementing an "intra family" project. The result is (look there if you are interested in model courses) http://www.berliner-tt-bahner.de. By the way: the project confirmed one of my prejudices fully: MySQL sucks! Once I've the time, I'll explain it ;-) Now I started to review my mrunix.de archive.
2009-05-30 I finally managed it to implement some tools for my article administration. So by now my archive up to 2004 is online completely. I also integrated an rss feed on my site. For those using an older browser: http://www.jan-trippler.de/de/rss.xml. If you're surfing with a new version, you can simply klick on the symbol diplayed on the right side of your address bar.
2009-02-23 After some weeks of working on a private project (my own movie database) I added some articles from my archive to the Linux quickies. Now 61 articles are available.
2008-11-18 I finally managed to finish the new Linux quickies pages. They now provide more possibilities to search for the code snippet you need. You can search by topic, command, shell builtin or programming language. The navigation will help you to have a rummage through the articles. Look here: Linux quickies. Actually only the articles from the old site are included, but new articles will follow soon.

About this site

I check all pages of my site for confirmation to the W3C standards. If there are any bugs I did not found by myself, I would be glad to hear from you. You can write me an e-mail to the address shown at the contact page.

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