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93 Linux quickies available. Most recent updated:
process all torrent tasks from a directory
edit addresses
replace the value of an option in a config file
start a script with parameter as at job

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Linux quickies are short code snippets (shell scripts, perl ...), which could help you to do a specific task. A lot of these snippets are born as answers in mailing lists and internet forums, others come from my scripts. They are often only a recommendation how to solve a problem - you are not prevented from studying and testing the code ;-)

I sorted the snippets by topic, language and used unix / linux commands. Partionally I modified the original posts, fixed syntax and program errors, wrote (hopefully) better explanations. To walk around the items, you have these possibilities to select the entries you want to look at:

The most recent articles (sorted by the date, when I added the article to this collection)

The articles providing a step-by-step tour through the code

shell syntax
Parts of shell programming like loops, conditions, command substitutions, ...

Unix/ Linux commands
The used commands (not shell builtins)

Sorted by topics, that means the questions "What do I want to do?" or "For which purpose is it useful?".

programming languages
You'll find some "exotic" languages like sed or awk too. I listed articles under these sections, when they use more sophisticated features like functions, goto's or flow control. The commands themself appear in much more code samples.

On [some|most|all] samples you will find a small Tour button, and from here you need Javascript: If you select the button (and activated Javascript ;-), you can see a step by step tour through the code. Ajax rules ;-)

There's another important button: Download. So you can download the code, existing sample files and other stuff as a tar archive. This function doesn't use Javascript.

Special thanks to Denny Carl. His book Praxiswissen Ajax is the main source of my knowledge about the first steps to include Ajax technics in my website. Most of the Javascript code I use is based on his code examples, which he made available for free use to the public.

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