small projects
Here you can find scripts and programs I created. They are too big for the "quickies" area, but too small for an own project.

Disk usage monitor
This tool acts like the tree command but additionally shows the size of each directory. The output can be formatted in some ways and there is a number of options to control the scan and output. A simple graphical user interface written in Tcl/Tk is available.

Unix input validation tools for Linux
Almost everybody, who writes Shell scripts for commercial Unix systems on a regular base, knows the input validation tools like ckitem, ckpath, ckyorn and so on. In 2006 I started to implement a port for Linux systems. It took a long time, but now (2008, june) I managed to complete the work. The main reason was to build a runtime environment for Unix shell scripts on Linux systems in order to make it possible to test these script. At the end not only a program to simulate the tools was born, but also two perl modules, which can be used in other perl scripts.

All scripts and programs to download.

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