Unix validation tools

Almost everybody, who writes shell scripts on commercial Unix systems, knows the input validation tools, which are available on these systems. I use them some times and had the problem testing such scripts at home on my Linux machines. That's why I started porting them using Perl in 2006. There were some delays, breaks, 2 or 3 redesigns, ... but now I think, they are ready for use. The programs, modules and documentation are licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), you will find a copy of this license in the LICENSE file included in the package.

brief introduction for newbies
A short overview for people, who don't know yet commands like ckdate, ckitem, ckuid, ckyorn.

the SysVTools.pm module
Description and manual of the main module. It can be used in all Perl programs, which need a simple command line interface for user interaction. I want to add a small sample program to show the usage, the sysvtools.pl program is not a good sample - it's main work is to parse and validate the different command line options.

the Pager.pm module
Description and manual of a small module, which can be used to display string arrays and files page per page. The display control works as simple as in the validation tools. I looked for pager modules at CPAN, but did not find one, that matched my needs. So I add a new pager to the list ;-) The module is part of the package, if you don't want to use it - don't use it ;-)

the sysvtools.pl program
The program acts like a chameleon: It works like the tool with the name it was called with. I was to lazy to create a dozen of programs, which are doing the same in 50-90% of the time. I simply use symbolic links to copy the program.

installation and download
Description of the installation prerequisites and the configuration for your system; installation order; link to the download.

It's not a "roadmap", it's only a little list of things to do. I can't guarantee times, when things are ready - who knows what I'm interested in tomorrow ;-)

You want to help?
I need different kind of support. Here you can read the details.

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